Thursday, March 24, 2011

FHTVcomputer/tech club March 18, 2011

President Frank Beavan called the meeting to order in the Fiesta room at 9:00 a.m. There were 10 members present. It was announced there would not be a meeting next Friday as Show and Tell would be using the Fiesta room. We have submitted a meeting time change for next year of Thursday aft. 2:00 to 3:00 instead of Friday morning.
Ann showed her Magic Jack (cost $20.00) that attaches to a portable phone through a computer enabling one to make free phone calls. It works more efficiently with a desk top rather than a laptop computer.
You tube is a good source of helpful information and is free.
April 1 will be our last meeting of the winter/spring season.
Ardell Easterday, sec.

Friday, March 11, 2011

FHTVcomputer/tech club-March 11,11

The meeting was called to order by president Frank Beaven. He asked for nominations for officers for next year. He offered to run as president again. Seeing no nominations, Jean LaVoie made a motion to reelect the present officers, John McMahon seconded and the motion passed.
Remember,program suggestions are always welcome!
Frank asked that each one of us send him an Email with address in the subject line so he can put our addresses in a folder for announcements he might have about upcoming meetings. His E mail
Our projector needs an adjustment after it was raised. Thanks to John McMahon it is now better.
Frank showed his Cannon travel printer which is easy on ink and does a great job. His cost around $300 .
Paul had a question regarding printing and the suggestion made by Ann was to hold control and push p.
Frank demonstrated how you can watch previous TV programs on your computer by entering hulu. You can also view some by entering ABC.
We might have a program on facebook at the next meeting. Watch for an announcement.

Ardell Easterday, sec.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FHTV computer club 2/11/11

In the absence of our president we held a round table discussion.
We were again reminded to erase email addresses when forwarding emails.
Jean La Voie told us that HP will provoid us with a disc for $10.00 so an older printer will be compatible with a new computer.
Paul asked how to limit or erase pop up blockers.Since he uses google it was suggested he ask them.
Paul Black brought his Kindle reader to show us. It is tied to Amazon from whom books are downloaded at an amazing speed.
Connie Wanderscheid downloads books from any public library onto her computer--as long as she has a library card. This is free and they can be kept for 21 days.
Ardell wondered why she can't play music on her computer and the simple logical answer was she doesn't have a built in speaker on her laptop!!!
President Frank has arranged for 12 computer club members to take a field trip to the Apple store on the north side next Friday leaving the club house at 8:00 a.m.
Ardell Easterday, sec.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

FHTV Computer/Technology Club February 4, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Frank Beaven at 9:00 a.m. Due to a cold he turned over the meeting to treasurer Ann Iverson. She told us about a conversation with our park manager Ken Shrensel regarding Wifi speed. With so many connected it simply won't be fast enough. We have asked him for a 30 mg connection in the fiesta room which would be password protected if just for the computer club members. If that comes about we may have to raise our dues next year.
If you leave your wifi connection on ,when you pass a hot spot it will connect and you will be using up minutes unknowingly so know how to turn it off.
It was decided that since we have a little over $1800.00 in our treasury we will not put on a meatloaf dinner in March--also there wasn't much inthusiasm in those present to work on one.
We will reserve a date for next year.
Ann presented a short program on Print Spooling. It seems some of us are too hasty when printing and hit the print button more than once thus wasting paper. Some also don't cancel the print which then means Ann or someone has to do it. To check to see if you have prints in the que do the following: go to 1. adjust your computer settings 2. hardware and sounds 3. view device and printers 4. default printer.
Next weeks program hopefully will be on (smart phones). Paul Black will bring his Kindle from which he gets book downloads from Amazon. Marcel Dewulf showed his I Pad which is smaller and faster than a computer. Starting price for an I Pad is $499.00. One cannot attach a printer to one however.
Ardell Easterday, sec.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FHTV computer club minutes Jan. 21,2011

Pres Frank called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. There were fourteen members present. Treas Ann reported receiving $118.00 dues from the photo club and $3.65 income from the use of our printer. She said our manager will be getting printer ink for us at their price.
Only if you have your own router is your password protected.
Ann made a motion we change the name of our club to Technology club. After discussion, Jean La Voie amended the motion to Computer Technology Club. Motion passed.
U tube is what you use if you need to have help on the computer.
Android is an operating system.
Frank presented a program on Skype by contacting a friend who was in his truck on the road in Texas. We were able to see and hear him. Skype is a free system. You need a camera and speaker on your computer. If you have an older computer, you can purchase a webcam.
Skype and MSN messenger are tied to Facebook.
Frank also showed his I phone. He will have more information on that another time.
Next weeks program will be on Facebook.
Ardell Easterday, Sec.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

FHTVComputer Club 1/14/11

President Frank called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Treasurer Ann Iverson gave her report as follows: $1707.07 in the bank and dues collected $20.00 on hand. She wrote a check for $50.00 for a speaker for the camera club (camera club is part of computer club.)
There were 15 members present.
We were advised to upgrade both adobe and flash to help avoid viruses and also disable java script.
Ann told us about making phone calls using magic jack. It plugs into the computer and costs $20/year. It works best with a small telephone such as a Princess.
Ione Kontecki stopped in and reminded us we are all members of the photo club and announced there woukd be a speaker on Thursday.
The program for the next meeting will be on using Skype.
Ardell Easterday, Sec.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

FHTV computer club Jan.7,2011

President Frank Beaven introduced himself and treasurer Ann Iverson and sec. Ardell Easterday. He asked any new members present to introduce themselves and to state what they would like to learn while attending the meetings. There were 12 members present.
The treasury balance is approximately $1700.00. Dues are $5.00/ year. Members wishing to use the club computer may get the password from either Ann or Ardell. PLEASE do not give out the password to ANYONE. The $1 Friday night movies are sponsored by the computer club and anyone may turn in a suggestion. Clare Rogers with Bob's help? is in charge of the movies.
In a discussion of our funds, Ann Iverson said the old computer (the one open to the public) might need replacing in the near future for aprox. $300.
Ardell made a motion that we do not put on a meatloaf dinner this year because our financial picture looks to be solvent. After discussion, Ardell agreed to table the discussion for 2 weeks.
Bob Rogers made the suggestion we change the name of the club to Technology Club since there are so many new products on the market.
Ann Iverson will ne in charge of next weeks program.
Frank brought his internet radio but wasn't able to show what he wanted. Pandora is what he uses. Costs run from $100 to $300. He told us we can get back programing on TV statins by going to